I published my first textbook, English: Skill by Skill, in 1989. Not many people noticed it. It was a collection of vaguely wacky language activities designed to teach pupils the essential skills of English. That led to a number of projects, and to working with some great collaborators - Michael Marland and Roy Blatchford being the two who made the biggest impact on me.

Since then I've usually written three or four books a year, mostly working on them in snatched moments in holidays, early most mornings, in the margins of days and weekends. A list of the various books I've been involved in is given below. Click on the heading that interests you.

New in 2014:

  • Teach Now!: this is my core book, published by Routledge. Advice on how to plan lessons, how to dress for interview, where to eat lunch, and much more.
  • The entire Teach Now! series written by a great team of authors, again from Routledge. These are the subject-specific books.
  • Ignite English!: our new KS3 English programme published by OUP


  • Don't Call it Literacy! published by Routledge


  • Completely rewritten edition of Comprehension to 14 published by OUP
  • Completely rewritten edition of Writing to 14 published by OUP
  • Literacy activities for tutor time: Read, Write, Speak! published by SSAT and available here

    Other recent publications:

  • English Progress the new KS3 English resource from Pearson
  • a revised and updated edition of Grammar Survival: A Teacher's Toolkit published by Routledge
  • Re-Booting English, a toolkit for English Departments written for the SSAT's Leading Edge programme

    To see the full list of my publications, click on the appropriate heading below:

    Skills & Resources - Literature Texts

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