Radio IDs

This page contains various montages of radio IDs available for download. I first became interested in jingles when I was at school, fascinated that someone somewhere was going to all the trouble of creating these tiny (if occasionally cheesy) mini-songs.

How it all began: my interview with David Stafford on BBC Radio 4's Home Truths (September 2005). More recently, I spoke to BBC Radio Suffolk's Mark Murphy about my interest in American jingles (November 2012). And here's a home-produced audio documentary explaining my jingle fascination and the different versions of different jingles.

The world's jingle capital is Dallas, Texas, and I especially like the rich complex harmonies they produce there: here's an example from my favourite production company, JAM Creative Productions singing a specially-composed accapella jingle: 'Geoff Barton'. In February 2014, a conversation in Dallas, sitting at the piano with JAM's Jon Wolfert, led from the spontaneous idea of a jingle melody which builds to a complete resing of a PAMS jingle to create 'The Geoff Barton Love Songs Show'.

Fellow obsessives might also like to hear my life-story in a song: "It's Nice Knowing Geoff".

  • Hear the first jingles I ever bought, back in my adolescent hospital radio days: SoundSonics from Tapetrix
  • Here's the origin of my jingle collecting history (and the the mystery of Bob Dinan): Jingle Origins
  • Here's the JAM jingle presented to me by staff when I left King Edward VI School in March 2017: Staff farewell
  • This is the JAM jingle made for me to say goodbye to my career as a headteacher: GB's Goodbye
  • Listen to the full set of jingles produced for me over the years by JAM: Barton sung jingles


    Updated when he remembers, this is where legendary jingle collector Bob Dinan rants, raves and reminisces about the wonderful world of jingles. If you're new to the obscure tradition of radio IDs, here's where to start: The Bob Dinan Jingle Podcast.

    In February 2014 Bob visited the greatest jingle company in the world, JAM Creative Productions. Here's his report with lots of links to audio resources and photographs.

    To visit the websites of the world's best-known jingle producers, take a look at

  • JAM Creative Productions
  • TMstudios
  • PAMS
  • Jingles Factory
  • Tony Griffin
  • ReelWorld
  • Thompson Creative
  • RadioScape
  • Zone Radio Imaging
  • Kissville
  • Groove Addicts
  • M-Edge Productions
  • Brandy
  • IQ Beats
  • Ignite Jingles
  • Bespoke Music
  • Ignite Jingles
  • Audio Sweets


    A taste of why some of us like jingles so much. Brace yourself:

    1: A 9-minute driving mix

    2: Mellow JAM Montage

    3: A 10-minute history of Radio 1 IDs

    4: A jingle montage from WABC, New York

    5: 10 "legal" (top of the hour) IDs

    6: Jingles from the City of Brotherly Love

    7: December 24 montage

    8: A tribute to legendary collector, Bob Dinan

    9: A Spring mix

    10: A long mix of long jingles. (Be warned it's a 28-minute 26MB file)

    11: A collection of "incredibly perfect segues"

    12: A May mix

    13: Long weekend mix

    14: Montage 16

    15: Montage 17

    16: "Now That's What I Call Jingles"

    17: Montage 19

    18: My Birthday montage 20

    Looking for new montages? Take a look at

    the Bob Dinan Jingle Podcast where you can hear Bob's jingle samples updated a couple of times a week.


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