English grammar and literature books

This page is a collection of published resources I've written over the years. It includes textbooks and other resources for grammar, comprehension, developing reading and writing skills, and revision. All the texts are designed to make the lives of English teachers easier and to put attention-grabbing resources and ideas in front of students. I always try out resources and ideas at school with my own students first.

Over my many years of writing, I have focused mainly on English grammar and literature books, plus texts designed to develop creative writing or to improve essential skills in reading, writing and grammar knowledge.


Active Grammar

AQA English GCSE Specific

English Challenge

Grammar Survival


Interactive Non-Ficton &

Travel Writing

Who We Are: A Citizenshp

You Never Know

The Barton Archive

Comprehension to 14

Comprehension to GCSE


Grammar Essentials

Grammar in Context

Literacy Kit: Imagine, Ex

Literacy Kit: Inform, Exp

New Oxford English Book 1

New Oxford English Book 2

New Oxford English Book 3

New Oxford English Book 4

Stories Old And New